Nicole was absolutely amazing. At

Nicole was absolutely amazing. At almost 42 weeks, with her help, I had a successful vba2c, all natural at the hospital.

I had very traumatic birth experiences from my two c-sections and this birth was absolutely 100% different. I truly feel I could not have done this without Nicole. She knew the positions to labor in, she advised me when decisions had to be made, she was constantly available throughout pregnancy when I was doubting myself and she even was able to capture photos of me birthing my little man and photos after that I was too exhausted to think about.

I loved how calm and nice the room felt with her setup at the hospital and it just was all around such an amazing experience. My husband was skeptical about a doula but after everything he even said that we could not have done this without her. She makes you feel calm and reassures you every step of the way and truly does make the difference!

I know an all natural vbac at the hospital seems impossible but she gave me all the tools and support I needed to make it happen and we did!

Nicole is just amazing and

Nicole is just amazing and we absolutely highly recommend her! We can’t imagine having anyone else as our doula 🙂 She is so passionate about what she does, genuinely cares about the families she serves, and is super professional and knowledgeable. Nicole provided us with the up to date information, loving support, wise counsel and timely encouragement that we needed during the most important season of our lives, from pregnancy all the way to post-partum!
After every prenatal meeting with Nicole we felt more prepared and encouraged, and the spinning babies exercises that she taught us were so much fun and super helpful to prepare for labor and birth! Also, there’s no doubt that Nicole’s guidance and support during labor were a big part of what led to our wonderful natural birth experience. And, the post-partum meeting was very enriching as well. She gave us great info on postpartum care, breastfeeding, baby carriers and much more.
Having a baby is one of the most amazing events in our lives so choosing the right support team is essential! If you’re looking for a doula that’s knowledgeable, a good listener, that will stand up for you, caring, responsive, and that feels like family from day 1 then Nicole definitely meets this description and much more!

Erika Southam

Nicole was my doula for my first child. Throughout the 9 hours she was with me in labor, she helped me with laboring techniques, emotional support, and other physical support. She gave my husband and I space to labor together, and she somehow stayed awake all night when she was with me! I was so grateful when she grabbed my phone to take some post-birth pictures of my husband and I. Nicole was part of the environment that allowed me to naturally birth a 12lb baby. I couldn’t have done it without her knowledge and help!


Words cannot aptly express the depth of my gratitude for Nicole.

I am 100% certain my birth experience would not have been the same if she were not there. I chose a specific hospital because it had a great reputation for the L&D nursing staff, but sadly, that was not my experience. I am so glad I had Nicole there by my side!

I knew I wanted to labor at home for as long as possible and to try to do an unmedicated, natural birth. Luckily, I was able to have the experience I wanted and everything went as smoothly as possible. Nicole’s calming and soothing disposition as well as quiet strength during what I can only describe as one of the more excruciating out of body experiences ever, was exactly what I needed as my body progressed through the different stages of labor.

I cannot stress enough how much I believe Nicole’s caring heart, experience and knowledge are all what contributed to such a successful birth. Highly, highly, highly recommend.

Vanessa Peil

Nicole is such a sweet friend and amazing doula. I’m so glad I used her for my second pregnancy/birth. Labor and delivery went much faster this time around and I was able to have a natural birth without an epidural this time! I could not have done it without Nicole by my side! She encouraged me and helped me breathe through contractions and the hip squeezes and rubbing my back helped so much! I highly recommend her!