Kyra Mora

Nicole provided the perfect support, strength, laboring tips, and calming tools to help me through my 2nd un medicated home birth. Not only was she supporting me as I labored through out the night and into the next day, but she was also there to support my husband making sure he too was cared for and not overly exhausted. And just when I thought I was at the end of my rope, she was literally on the other end pulling me through to the other side. I am so thankful for her support and presence at my child’s birth, as she helped to make the moment even more memorable. ❤️

Annalisa Savoretti

Nicole is everything and more you could want from a doula. Her initial impression is a women of confidence, passion, and care towards her mamas and babies and immediately I knew she was the person I would want with us at our birth. We had two meetings together leading up to our birth and even between and after those meetings Nicole checked in with me and was always available on her phone to call or text all the way up until I was in labor. Nicole was the first to arrive at our house a few hours after my water broke and provided constant support until our little girl arrived. She was not only there for me, but also my husband and to us this was important. I cannot express enough how much of a a blessing it is to have Nicole in the Southwest Florida area catering to our mamas and babies. We still are in touch, and she is my go to for resources and questions about my little ones.

Samantha Jamie

There are no words to describe how amazing Nicole was! Not only did I love her, so did my husband and our parents! She helped all of us throughout my labor and delivery. I don’t know how I would’ve made it though labor without her. Everyone needs and advocate and support and Nicole is exactly that!

Anna Herron

Nicole was fundamentally crucial for me to achieve my VBAC. She somehow knew exactly what I needed to hear and when to say it, when to help ease the pressure and the nerves and was 100% there for us despite being pregnant at the time herself! Life changing and forever grateful!