Nicole was absolutely amazing. At

Nicole was absolutely amazing. At almost 42 weeks, with her help, I had a successful vba2c, all natural at the hospital.

I had very traumatic birth experiences from my two c-sections and this birth was absolutely 100% different. I truly feel I could not have done this without Nicole. She knew the positions to labor in, she advised me when decisions had to be made, she was constantly available throughout pregnancy when I was doubting myself and she even was able to capture photos of me birthing my little man and photos after that I was too exhausted to think about.

I loved how calm and nice the room felt with her setup at the hospital and it just was all around such an amazing experience. My husband was skeptical about a doula but after everything he even said that we could not have done this without her. She makes you feel calm and reassures you every step of the way and truly does make the difference!

I know an all natural vbac at the hospital seems impossible but she gave me all the tools and support I needed to make it happen and we did!

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