This testimonial is for all

This testimonial is for all you future dads out there. If you are wondering if you should get a doula to assist you and your partner though the labor and delivery process, the answer is yes and I highly recommend using Nicole! I was on the fence at first when my wife told me she wanted to hire a doula, but after going through the labor and delivery process, I quickly realized how thankful I was to have Nicole there by our side. She made the experience much more calm and relaxed for us both and most importantly, made sure that my wife’s wishes were followed. Using Nicole was the best decision we could have made!

Wes Mitchell
July 2018

Leny Fralicker

We were so blessed to experience labor with Nicole by our side. I had a pretty challenging experience with my first baby and was determined to labor naturally for as long as possible with my second baby. I am the biggest chicken and never thought I could go more than 3 hours in labor but Nicole was so prepared with all types of techniques, massages, and props to make the room calming for me and help manage my contractions. She knew several different positions to put me in to help labor progress and ease the pain.

I was able to labor naturally for almost 13 hours and I would never have been able to do it on my own. She provided relief for my husband as well, and helped him learn how to better assist me. Nicole has a calming, kind and sweet nature that makes you feel at ease. We had only met once before my labor and she is a forever friend after this! If we decide to have another baby, we’d love for her to be there!

Leny Fralicker
May 2018

Sami Quigley

“Nicole was absolutely amazing and if you’re pregnant, or plan on getting pregnant, I’d 100% recommend you use her! I don’t know how we would’ve made it through without her!”

Sami Quigley
April 2018

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