Becoming a Doula

Here is my story. I have worked for years to become a BCBA (Board Certified Behavior Analyst) which requires a Master’s degree and lots of studying for the board exam. After not passing, I woke up one day and decided I needed a change of pace. I dove into my list of “dream goals,” you know the type, the goals that seem like they would only come true far into the future, and found one that could I pursue. I was feeling pushed and motivated to become a Doula! It was something that I have had on my heart for a long time, but never knew when I was going to have the opportunity to do so.

I got on my computer that day and researched like crazy until I found a DONA International approved training in Sarasota, FL. I was so excited to go in just a few short weeks and even booked my hotel that night! I had a birth lined up before the training and was getting so excited to learn all the fun new information I longed to know. The day before the training, the instructor called and cancelled it due to weather! Weather? It was sunny and beautiful in Florida, but that is beside the point. That night, I got busy again and searched for a program that would take place the same weekend. I knew I wanted to be prepared so that I could work with the mama as her doula in only a few short weeks. Unfortunately, I couldn’t find a program that had space and would need to wait a few more weeks.

This was not going to stop me! I was on fire and, now, more motivated than ever. I found a program in Tampa and signed up right away. On Tuesday, the week of the training, my first mama was being induced and I was right by her side! I had been reading ‘The Birth Partner’ and soaked up as much information as I could. My first time as a birth doula was the most incredible experience of my life. My heart and soul desired to fulfill this passion, and that is just what I did. On the Friday of the first class, I drove up to Tampa for 3 days of working with an amazing group of women who also wanted to become Birth Doulas. I couldn’t help but share my incredible experience and how cool birth can truly be.

When I got home, I was so ready to start up my own business, Laven-Doula, LLC. It was my husband’s (Evan) and my new baby! We researched and got things all set up, for the most part! My next step was to gain some mama’s to work with so I posted for complimentary birth doula service to 3 women on Facebook. I suddenly had a mama who was past due, so I quickly met with her. Only a few short days later I was at the hospital with her, helping to labor and birth her beautiful new baby! The experience enlightened me! Not only was this couple kind and loving, they were also Christians. As she labored, we listened to Christian music and hummed and sang along. It calmed the room and showed so much love. It was an amazing experience for all of us involved. After her birth, I was once again ready to explore more and more! Mothers had started to contact me and I had interviews set up on my schedule! Things were beginning to blossom.

Now, I am a few months in and soaking up every ounce of information. I am eager to work with mamas as each new story grows my experience. My passion has grown even greater and I can’t express my love for the process of pregnancy, labor, and birth! I am so happy I am able to finally be an organic, positive presence on one of the most important days of a family’s life!


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  1. You are amazing!!!! The way you live and care for people can only come from God.. I know that you will be a blessing to so many women and families because of the gift that God has put on the inside of you that makes your heart pure and it gives you a longing to serve and love on his people. Nicole you are an excellent example of Gods love… love you


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