What is the ‘PERFECT’ birth experience?

Let me start by saying, every woman has their own idea of what their ‘perfect’ birth should look like. It may differ from your idea and that’s okay. Each mother’s birthing experience should be respected and encouraged no matter what it looks like! I would like to look into some different ways that mothers choose to have their babies. It all starts with doing some research. Being an informed decision maker can set you up for the best birth possible! Be informed of what is available and what you think is best for your beautiful new baby to enter the world. It should be common to have a very personal, thought out decision for your birthing experience.

Do you have a birth plan? If not, it is time to start thinking about the plan you have envisioned while having realistic expectations. You can develop this plan for what you and your partner may hope for but remember….it is important to be flexible because babies have a mind of their own! Seriously though, it’s not like the movies when the husband is driving like a racecar driver to get to the hospital and then the baby just pops out. Ha! You’re on their time and have to work through what your body may throw at you. The good thing is, you are strong and are made to birth your baby!

Who do you want around while you are in labor? Once again, make it your way, this is your choice! Spouse? Boyfriend? Girlfriend? Extended Family? Kids? Doula? Incorporate a network of support for the time when you’ll need it most. This also leads me to the topic of where you want to deliver your baby. A hospital birth might strike your fancy…Maybe a homebirth with all your close family members? How about in a Birth Center with a midwife? Maybe you will choose to have a C-section, VBAC or even a water birth. Whichever you decide, know that it is all your choice! You can plan ahead and create the ‘perfect’ plan for how you want to deliver your baby. How cool is that?

When I think about my ‘perfect’ birth, I was surrounded by my loving husband, sweet mama, and supportive midwife, Hillary. I chose to have a hospital birth due to my daughter attempting to come pre-term and honestly, I didn’t know any different! After a beautiful summer day in the sun with my family, we sat down for dinner when I started having some mild contractions. They continued for about an hour before I called my midwife. She listened to me breath and wanted to see possibly how far along I was at that point. I arrived at the hospital around 9pm, calm as can be and eager to get walking. Hillary, my midwife, checked me and said I was already at a ‘6cm.’ Holy cow, I couldn’t believe my ears, my baby was coming tonight! Once I was checked into the room, I got my hospital gown (covered up by my lovely new robe) and soft new socks on, and was completely cordless, yippe! Let the walking begin! As we walked the halls, we talked and laughed as a group. This was the loving, calm, dream of a labor that I had hoped for. I bounced on the ball for hours while each person took a turn rubbing my back and applying pressure. My midwife’s gentle touch and sweet words really got me through the contractions. (This is what made me want to be a doula!) There is nothing better than feeling loved and supported during one of the most important days of your life! By 8:04 am the next morning, my darling Grady Grace was born! She was placed into my arms where I got to immediately breast feed her and kiss her sweet cheeks! Dreamy or what? I sure think so!

My personal birth story with my daughter may sound much different than what you have experienced or plan to experience. It was a special time for ME as a woman and gave me strength to know that I could do it! My goal is to be able to work with many other women who want to feel loved and supported throughout their birth, creating something just as precious as I was able to experience! If you have questions about how to create your birth plan, what you should or shouldn’t include, or just want to tell me about your perfect plan, comment below or send me a message!

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